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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by aleldtritch, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. aleldtritch

    aleldtritch Peasant

    Jul 15, 2001
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    Post your playlist from iTunes or whatever you use (i still use Soundjam)

    Chrono Cross Intro Movie Theme.mp3
    Chrono Cross - Main Theme.mp3
    Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers.mp3
    Holst - Second Suite in F.mp3
    Ravel - Bolero.mp3
    Tool - Lateralis.mp3
    Tool - Schism.mp3
    Tool - Opiate.mp3
    Tool - Pushit Live.mp3
    Tool - Pushit.mp3
    Ennio Moricone - Good Bad and Ugly.mp3
    FF7 - Shinra Co.mp3
    FF7 - Valley Of The Fallen.mp3
    FF7 - OWA-.mp3
    FF8 - Edea's theme.mp3
    Pink Floyd - Brain Damage and Eclipse.mp3
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb.mp3
    Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly.mp3
    Pink Floyd - Money.mp3
    Pink FLoyd - Welcome to the Machine.mp3
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.mp3
    Prokofiev - March from Peter and the Wolf.mp3
    Prokofiev - Troika.mp3

    (i know it's kind of short, but i change it alot, and for your information i own the CD for all of those except 4 :D )
  2. cowofwar

    cowofwar Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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    Hmm...I would but posting 1,687 songs is a lot of work.
  3. aleldtritch

    aleldtritch Peasant

    Jul 15, 2001
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    can't you just select all of them, copy it, and paste it in a reply?

    that worked for me
  4. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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  5. Baseera

    Baseera MSC Footman

    Jun 14, 2000
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    Yeah I'm currently ripping my CDs to MP3 and I'm up to the Ls and I've got 3644 on my comp. The idea is to make MP3 disks to put in the car. I even have to budget what I put on my iPod now. I originally thought I wouldn't use all that space but now I want more.
  6. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    do you have a 5gig or a 10gig ipod?
  7. mrdoomsday

    mrdoomsday Peasant

    Jun 14, 2001
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    i use soundjam and music match jukebox
    acdc- shook me, hells bells, back in black
    aerosmith- i dont wanna miss a thing, pink, jaded
    pearl jam-l ast kiss
    queit riot- c'mon feel the noise, i wanna rock, were not gonna take it
    RHCP- under the bridge, californiacation
    styx- mr roboto
    blink- stay together for the kids, first date
    lonestar- amazed
    skynyrd- sweet home
    mathew good band- j enni's home
    metallica- no leaf clover, fuel, minus human, tuesdays gone
    motley crue- girls,girls,girls
    fuel- hemorrhage (in my hand)
    guns n roses- november rain, sweet child
    hendrix- national anthem, purple, all alone the watch tower
    edwin mcain- i'll be
    closing time- semisonic
    b52's- loveshack
    beegees- staying alive
  8. cowofwar

    cowofwar Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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    I own a grand total of 1 cd. Star wars: Phantom Menace soundtrack. And I don't listen to it, 'cause it stinks.
  9. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    streaming radio stations ownz joo! you get good music mixes and don't have to load up your hard drive with gigs of mp3s. more room for prOn! :nod:
  10. cowofwar

    cowofwar Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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  11. Baseera

    Baseera MSC Footman

    Jun 14, 2000
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    I only have the 5 gig. Here's a tip for you iTunes people: make a copy of your library file. Mine got corrupted this weekend and I have to remake all of my playlists. It sucks..... And don't import any MP3s you've burned using Sound Jam because iTunes hates Sound Jam.......really.
  12. Mentosman24

    Mentosman24 Peasant

    Dec 3, 2001
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    Don't get me started about my choice in music...I might start a flaming thread.
  13. Baseera

    Baseera MSC Footman

    Jun 14, 2000
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    You mean like Boy George and Wham?
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  14. Elbereth

    Elbereth MSC Commander and Donator

    Jun 17, 2000
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    /me shudders.

    Whoops, hit 'edit' instead of 'quote' the first time.
  15. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    who? :confused:
  16. Elbereth

    Elbereth MSC Commander and Donator

    Jun 17, 2000
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  17. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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  18. Disco Cat

    Disco Cat Peasant

    Nov 28, 2000
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    you don't know who boy george is? :shocked: even I know that!

    Not on my own computer, but what the hell.

    Balduin - Little Dream
    Momus - The hairstyle of the Devil
    Mystic Moods Orchestra - Canon in D minor
    Stereo total - I love you, ono
    Momus - Finnegan the folk hero
    Momus - i am kitten
    stephen malkmus - jenny and the ess-dog
    malkmus - discretion grove
    malkmus - trojan curfew
    malkmus - Vague space
    the anubian lights - smoke and mirrors
    tosca tango orchestra - mi otra mitad de naranja
    bertrand burgalat - le pays imaginaire
    jon brion - being for the benefit of mr. kite
    betrand burgalat - jalousies et tomettes
    jon brion - the same mistakes
    ladytron - he took her to a move(remix)
    monsieur leroc - hawaii bikini inspector
    stephen malmus - phantasies
    momus - coming in a girl's mouth
    magnolia(jon brion) - stanely, frank, linda's breakd
    jon brion - magnolia
    stereo total - comicstripteasegirl
    jon brion - i believe she's lying
    mystic modds orchestra - one stormy nights
    jon brion - as fast as you can
    momus - folk me amadeus
    franklin bruno - clean needle
    bretrand burgalat - kim
    siggi schwab and pete horton - invention no.1
    stephen malkmus - leisurely poison
    momus - i was a maoist intellectual
    jon brion - a little library music
    stereo total - joe le taxi
    stereo total - supercool
    stereo total nouvelle vague
    stereo total - miau miau
    stereo total - comme un garcon
    vampyros lesbos - necronomania
    vampyros lesbos - sex and mystic of marques de S
    manfied hubler and siegfried sch - the ballad of a fair singer
    vampyros lesbos - the six wisdoms of aspasia
    walking life - pelo negro
    walking life - lastima grande
    walking life - ballade 4 part 1
    walking life - ballade 4 part 2
    tosca tango orchestra - nocturne in e-flat opus 9 #2
    anubian lights - outflight
    balduin - champaign
    belle and sebgastian - serge gainsbourg
    ben fold five - wave a white flag
    bikini kill - i like f*ucking
    bratmobile - panik
    chicks on speed - for all the boys in the world
    chicks on speed - glamour girl
    chicks on speed - procrastinator
    claudia martinez - ranchu gubina
    de serge gainsbourg a gainsbarre - ford mustang
    elvis costello - wave a white flag
    final fantasy - ending theme (piano)
    final fantasy - eyes on me(piano)
    final fantasy - silence and motion (piano)
    final fantasy - the prelude (piano)
    final fantasy - mystery train (piano)
    facing future - somewhere over the rainbow
    free kitten - tennie weenie boppie
    heavens to betsy - terrorist
    jets to brazil - sweet avenue
    junior brown - highway patrol
    kid 605 - scsi bear
    kronos quartet - marquee moon
    l7 - pretend we're dead
    le tigre - hot topic
    lisa miskovsky - driving one of your cars
    loiis maffeo and brenden canty - you love your wounds
    television - elevation
    television - marquee moon
    mike patton and serge gainsbourg - ford mustang
    momus - a complete history of sexual jealousy
    momus - girlish boy
    momus michelin man
    pinataland - everyone says I love you
    pinataland - cowboy
    pinataland - days of crime and passion
    pinataland - I'm the guy
    pinataland - the farmer song
    radio berlin - sibling
    radio free vestibule - bulbous bouffant
    radio free vestibule - kevin and god
    radio free vestibule -lawrence olivier for diet coke
    radio free vestibule - something's wrong with gilligan's island
    radio free vestibule - the ballad of marshal mcluhan
    radio free vestibule - the car alarm
    rita hayworth - amado mio
    rita hayworth - my funny valentine
    rita hayworth - put the blame on mame
    sean na na - princess and the pony
    sean na na - unicorns
    sean na na - your daddy looks dead
    serge gainsbourg - en melody
    serge gainsbourg - micky maousse
    serge gainsbourg - sous le soleil exactement
    shai hulud - grrl bands
    sleater kinney - all hands on the bad one
    spaceman spiff - a boy named grrl
    the sugar bears - you are the one
    the magnetic fields - i don't want to get over you
    magnetic fields - i'm sorry i love you
    magnetic fields - papa was a rodeo
    magnetic fields - the luckiest guy on the lower east side
    vancouver nights - all the right moves
    vancouver nights - naikoon park
    vancouver nights - two spirited
    the webb brothers - the liar's club
    wagon christ - piano playa hata
    anubian lights - as seen in 822 A.D.
    anubian lights - one eye ot the sky
    anubian lights - our man in baghdad
    anubain lights - outer spacemusic
    anubian lights - sanctuaries of jupiter
    anubian lights - mutashaker
    ash - burn baby burn
    astrud gilberto -0 light my fire
    avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
    avalanches - since I left you
    boards of canada - everything you do is a balloon
    boards of canada - kid for today
    boards of canada - nova scotia robots
    boards of canada - roygbiv
    boards of canada - soyient night
    bob dylan - wigwam
    bullfrog - dungeon keeper theme
    bullfreog - hotel food
    bullfrog - made from scratch
    chiefs of staff - sam the old accordian man
    cirque du soleil - accordian thing
    clientele - bicycles
    the clientele - reflections after jand
    the clientele - we coudl walk together
    cold cut - atomic moog
    commander cody - down to seeds and stems again blues
    commander cody - everybody's doin' it
    commander cody - good morning judge
    commander cody - rockabilly funeral
    commander cody - steel guitar rag
    commander cody - your cash ain't nothing but trash
    cranes - future song
    cranes - perfect world
    cul de sac - far off, the fabulous iron serpent whistles
    damon and naomi - eulogy to lenny gruce
    damon and naomi - i dreamed of the caucasus
    digable planets - blowout comb
    the dining rooms - m. dupont
    the divine comedy - becoming more like alfie
    the divine comedy - europo
    the divine comedy - generation sex
    the divine comedy - magnetic fields
    the divine comedy - my lovely horse
    the divine comedy - national express
    the divine comedy - something for the weekend
    the divine comedy - sweden
    the divine comedy - theme from casanova
    hedwig and the angry inch - exquisite corpse
    the faint - let the poison spill from your throat
    fembots - icecream
    the flaming lips - she don't use jelly
    four corners - don't you wanna hear me
    four corners - i say you're a scream
    four corners - long tall shorty
    four corners - untitled instrumental theme #1
    four corners - the girl from U.N.C.L.E.
    four tet - everything is alright
    four tet - leila came round and we watched
    four tet - no more mosquitoes
    four tet - parks
    four tet - the batterfly effect
    hedwig and the angry inch - freaks
    freddy fresh - chupacabbra
    freddy fresh - its a latin thing
    cafe de paris - jeannette
    jim's big ego - angry white guy
    jim's big ego - little miss communication
    jim's big ego - porno plot
    jim's big ego - serious guy
    jim's big ego - she said, he said
    jim's big ego - stress
    jordy birch - moola moola
    kinks - destroyer
    k-taro - sweden, heaven and hell
    the ladybug transistor - cath
    ladybug tansistor - like a summer rain
    ladybug transistor - music for tennis courts
    ladybug transistor - oceans in the hall
    ladybug transistor - oriental boulevard
    the automobile song
    ladybug transistor - the great british spring
    ladybug transistor - the swedish libra nad yu
    ladybug transistor - today knows
    ladytron - ladybird
    lemon pipers - shoemaker of leatherware
    magnetic fields - 100, 000 fireflies
    magnetic fields - a chicken with it's head cut off
    megnetic fields - how f*ucking romantic
    magnetic fields - i don't believe in the sun
    magnetic fields - jeremy
    magnetic fields - let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
    magnetic fields - nothing matters when we're dancing
    magnetic fields - you and me and the moon
    millie small - my boy lollipop
    momus - everyone i have ever slept with
    momus - good morning world
    momus - his majesty the baby
    momus - hotel marquis de sade
    momus - i want you but I don't need you
    momus - my kindly friend the sensor
    momus - my pervert doppelganger
    momus - pace jews
    momus - superstars of bollywood
    momus - the angels are voyeurs
    momus - the homosexual
    momus - the madness of lee scratch perry
    momus - the penis song
    money mark - chocochip
    money mark - from the beginning to the end
    money mark - maybe i'm dead
    money mark - revolt of the octopi
    moog cookbook - black hole sun
    moog cookbook - buddy holly
    moog cookbook - novocaine for the soul
    moog cookbook - smells like teen spirit
    moog cookbook - sweet ho
    more plastic - a false sense of something
    more plastic - title thomas
    more plastic - universal man
    more plastic - age of consent
    more plastic - blue monday
    more plastic - confusion
    new order - crystal
    too much os mutantes to mention
    palace brothers - come a little dog
    palace brothers - i am a cinematyographer
    palace brothers - i was drunk at the pulpit
    palace brothers - no more workhouse blues
    palace brothers - ohio river boat osng
    palace brothers - you will miss me when I burn
    peter horton - siggi schwab toccata for a whild old lady
    piero umiliani - samba mah na'
    pinataland - the devil's airship
    pinataland - coney island funeral
    pinataland - creature
    pinataland - hell helps me laugh
    pinataland - tunnel of tears
    radio berlin - eyes like lenses
    radio berlin - twelve fingers
    radio berlin - the nation
    rainer truby trio - a go go
    rainer turby trio - alegre
    rainer turby trio - galicia
    roland - the concubines
    the sadies - milk and scissors
    senor coconut - autobahn
    senor coconut - chocolatina
    senor coconut - home computer
    senor coconut - the robots
    senot coconut - tour de france
    sesame street - ladybug picnic
    squarepusher - my red hot car
    stereo total - ma radio
    strawberry alarm clock - incense and peppermint
    the international noise conspiracy - your pretnders army
    muse - sunburn
    timo maas - shifter
    cafe del mar - truby trio/prime vera
    wagon christ - boney l
    wagon christ - levely
    wagon christ - my organ in your face
    wagon christ - natural suction
    air - kelly watch the starts(moog cookbook remix)
    wagon christ - spotlight
    walking life - ballade
    will oldham - i see a drakness
    zero7 - distractions
    facing future - somewhere over the rainbow
    mroe final fantasy piano songs
    the white stripes - fell in love with a girl
    the white stripes - you're pretty good looking
    the white stripes - i fought piranhas
    the white stripes - we're going to be friends
    the white stripes - hello operator
    the white stripes - jimmy the exploder
    the white stripes - sugar neer tasted so good
    the white stripes - the big three killed my baby
    mr scruff - fish
    kylie minogue - i just can't get you out of my head
    kylie minogue - in your eyes
    neil halstead - two stones in my pocket
    mendoza line - baby i know what you're thinkin'
    mendoza line - closer to you
    mendoza line - yuko's in the band
    mendoza line - you singled me out
    panurge - erectangle prelude
    panurge - listen to your own
    panurge - all woden boys
    panurge - my last breath
    panurge - nothing cleans you like fire
    panurge - p.a.l.
    panurge - summer is a place in your head
    panurge - chocolate ice cream
    panurge - pythagorhythms
    hinterland - this condition
    hinterland - destroy destoyer
    hinterladn - keep teh aspidistra fly6ing
    kfan - diary
    kfan - change partners
    kfan - desafindo
    kfan - scotch and soda
    the billy nayer show - bird of prey
    the billy nayer show - knitting favorites
    the billy nayer show - shaving
    the billy nayer show - track 30
    the billy nayer show - drunk again
    the billy nayer show - bouncy bouncy
    the billy nayer show - only i can save the world
    the billy nayer show - weasel heart
    the billy nayer show - b.b. photo instrumental
    too much quasi to mention
    fred astair - let's call the whoel thing off
    of montreal - a man's life flashing before his eyes
    of montreal - sleeping in the bettle bug
    kinky - corn man
    the shaggs - foot foot
    evan and jaron - crazy for this girl
    of montreal - penelope
    of montreal - jacques lamure
    of montreal - sing you a love you song
    of montreal - spoonful of sugar
    the staple singers - i'll take you there
    partridge family - breaking up is hard to do
    andrews sisters - mr. sandman
    evan and jaron - like the rain
    the staple singers - oh la de da
    yandell sisteres - sweet inspiration
    andrews sisters - rum and coca cola
    the whites - you put the blue in me
    partridge family - singins my song
    the shaggs - wheels
    the shaggs - love at first sight
    andrews sisteres - oh johnny oh johhny oh
    the whites - keep on the sunny side
    of montreal - a collection of poems about water
    of montreal - don't ask me to explain
    of montreal - advice from a divorced gentlemen to his bachelor
    the japonize elephants - 40 years of our family
    the japonize elephants - smashing baby heads
    the japonize elephants - f*uck the farmacia
    the japonize elephants - daniel
    amon tobin - pick up the piece
    coldcut - ein klein hed musick
    coldcut - autumn leaves
    dj food - turtle soup
    dj food - the crow
    money mark - pimp funk
    money mark - inner laugh
    money mark - from the beginning to the end
    mr. scruff - chipmunk
    money mark - information contrabnad
    mr. scruff - jazz potato
    mr. scruff - get a move on
    mr. scruff - travelogue
    neil halstead - see you on rooftops
    zer7 - destiny
    dj spooky - files under futurism
    neil halstead - who do you love
    neil halstead - give what you take
    jean jacques perrey - mister james bond
    spike jones - nutcracker suite
    spike jones - land of the sugar plum fairy
    spike jones - the little girl's dream
    spike jones - i'm gettin' nothin' for christmas
    too much tenacious D to name
    tipsy - xxxmas
    tipsy - grossenhosen
    tipsy - hard petting
    tipsy - kitty takes a ride
    tipsy - oops!
    tipsy - papaya freeway
    tipsy - reverse cowgirl
    tipsy - space gold
    tipsy - fur teacup
    xploding plastix - tream me mean, i need the reputation

  19. Haite

    Haite Forum Moderator

    Jan 29, 2001
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    That you know such a long list by heart scares me...

  20. cowofwar

    cowofwar Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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