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Discussion in 'MSC Clan' started by Alteren, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Alteren

    Alteren MSC Knight and Donator

    Dec 19, 2005
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    I have recently hit 40 with my mage. Due to selling potions, herbs I no longer used for alchemy, and remarkable rate of finding blues drop while solo (MANY more than Alteren ever did in his whole career), I was able to make well over 90g by this time.

    I am now the proud owner of a red mechanostrider :-).

    I had thought maybe I would respect to Frost at 40. I've used the fire leveling spec from the official WoW forums. I figured it's probably not even worth thinking about until I hit 60, so I through a point in combustion at 40 and will go up the the arcane a bit until 60. I'm about 70% through 40, combustion has been pretty nice so far. It allows me to feel pretty good about taking down mobs that are 4 levels above me. Anything above 4 levels though, and the resists are just too painful :-).

    I'm loving fire more and more though, and I'm thinking about sticking with it into BC :-). That may change though. My whole thought about specs has recently gone from somewhat decisive to totally indecisive :-). Many look pretty good, and I'll just have to think some more.

    Anyway, on a more productive note :-), alchemy is working out great. If at any time you guys would like me to supply some potions or transmutes when I get that, just let me know.

    Thanks for everything guys. Sorry I didn't rejoin you "officially", but I'm hoping maybe helping out when the time is right if I see some instance pop up on the events. To be honest, I'm happy being in a guild with the buddies I had when I very first played...whom I met on my first ever deadmines run with Alteren. I was the last guy alive on our first VC attempt, and eddie and I managed to kill each other at the same...even though it ended up a wipe, it was still probably the most celebrated kill I've ever been involved with :-).

    See you guys around.

    - Greg

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