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Website making

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Niels Dueck, Feb 28, 2000.

  1. Niels Dueck

    Niels Dueck Unregistered

    I'm looking for Ferazels Wand banners. Does know where I can get any?
  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman Unregistered

    If you go to Ambrosia's website (the maker of Ferazel's Wand) http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/ , they have a banner at the top of the page. Keep reloading the page until the Ferazel banner comes up (it's a 1 out of 5 thing). Then save the banner to your HD.

    btw. That game freakin' rocks!

    *Also. You are the first person to post on this board besides me. Consider yourself special. hehe! :) Hopefully this message board will really take off when more people start joining.
  3. Niels Dueck

    Niels Dueck Unregistered

    Thanks for advice.

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