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The Regular, but not so often, Alteren Update

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Alteren, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Dec 19, 2005
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    I changed my major from Computer Science to Information Technology when I realized I don't want to spend ALL MY TIME CODING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE :-). I actually graduate sooner (August 2008) now, because of the system of the new major and its need for "IT RELATED ELECTIVES".

    Anyway, I'm goign to paste in a summary blog I posted to give you all a better idea:

    Well, the program chair of ITEC didn't allow the one prerequisite waiver. However, he waived one of the other ones (after my Student Services guy talked me up a bit. I really appreciate that. He's a great guy). At any rate, my schedule changes, but I get to finish up during the Summer. Here's my remaining schedule:

    WINTER 2008:

    ITEC 310
    Information Systems Architecture & Technology (4 cr. hrs.)

    This course provides a conceptual and technological survey of the structure of distributed information systems architectures, operating systems, network operating systems, peripheral technology, and user interfaces. Interoperability between these architectural components will be explored and current technology and trends in each architectural element will be reviewed. This course will de-emphasize, although not ignore, mainframe architectures in favor of information architectures more applicable to client/server computing. The various interacting categories of client/server computing as well as the benefits and implications of such a system will be fully explored.

    ITEC 370
    Principles of Network Design and Administration (4 cr. hrs.)

    This course provides the student with an introduction to designing small to medium networks and network administration. Network security and network performance will be addressed as part of the design of networks. Administration topics will include day-to-day operation and monitoring as well as network trouble diagnosis.

    ITEC 400
    UNIX Administration (4 cr. hrs.)

    This course covers the basic methods of UNIX system administration. The course will focus not only on user-level commands and utilities, but also upon installation and configuration of the UNIX kernal, file system, memory, peripheral devices, authentication/authorization and network facilities. The course also provides an introduction to the Perl programming language and the role of Linux in current UNIX environments.

    SUMMER 2008:

    ITEC 495
    Information Technology Capstone (4 cr. hrs.)

    The Information Technology capstone course encourages teamwork in small groups on a substantial project. The intent of this course is to provide a capstone experience that integrates the material contained in required courses of the ITEC major. It also provides an opportunity for students to recognize and evaluate the interrelationship of their general education courses with the courses taken for their major. The capstone will include discussion about professional and ethical issues related to Information Technology. Students will also culminate their experiences with an overview of the evolution of computer systems and a look at the near-term future.

    MIS 484
    Information Systems Security (4 cr. hrs.)

    Students will review and analyze the control and security concerns in the information systems environment. The security challenges created from the emergence of new technology and the changing internal and external environments will be analyzed. The effect of legal, regulatory, and current security technology on policy development will also be reviewed.

    Other than school, well Amanda and I broke up. Best I can say is it wasn't gonna work on her end, and there was no choice.

    Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. I miss you guys.

    - Greg

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