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stuff for trade - US East

Discussion in 'MSC Clan' started by Onisama, May 1, 2001.

  1. Onisama

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    some stuff I have going up for trade on D2net in a couple days. Give you guys first crack. Mixed bag of stuff. (this is all copy/pasted from my d2net page, which might explain the "tone")

    Loath Wrap - Ornate Plate
    def 802
    durability 255
    req str 170
    req lvl 25
    enhanced def
    damage reduced by 1
    attacker takes damage of 1

    Beast Circle - ring
    req level 46
    +28 mana
    +3 damage
    +12 str

    Plague Mantle - Light Plate
    Def 213
    req str 25
    req lvl 27
    Fast hit recovery
    Requirements -40%
    +2 light
    enhanced def
    +38 life

    Stone Song - War Scepter
    1H dam 11-19
    req lvl 30
    fast attack speed
    +2 paladin skills
    Enhanced damage
    +3 mana
    150% damage to undead
    +3 to Concentration

    Viper Touch - Chain Gloves
    Def 15
    req lvl 18
    1/2 freeze duration
    enhanced def
    +26 life
    +9 dex

    Death Chain - Plated Belt
    def 19
    req level 45
    Poison length reduced by 25%
    enhanced defense
    replenish life +3
    +13 DEX

    Unidentified Wormskull

    Fiend Shell - Grim Helm
    def 161
    Dur 200
    req str 58
    req lvl 27
    enhanced def
    +17 mana
    +41 life

    What I am looking for in trade.
    I usually don't have any problems with multiple item trades.

    Perf skulls
    other uniques that are difficult or impossible to gamble for (wands, goldskin, silks, iceblink)

    Some specific items that I am looking for:

    High dam ancient axe
    over 210 dam, 175+ ar, no monster flee (+skills, leech, cold damage, IAS are also desired but not required mods)

    High Dam Naga
    over 100 Dam, 175+ ar, IAS, no monster flee (+skills, leech, cold damage are also desired but not required mods)

    Good jewelry - leech, high resists (or prismatic), fast cast, high mana/life (over 50), +1/+2 skills, 100+ ar, enviro damage and MF are all desired.

    good MF boots - either fastest run/walk with good resists or str/dex mods or dual fastest with ok other mods.

    16 slot cold dam/fastest hit recover belt. With other decent mods like +str/dex or +life

    sias MF gloves with str or dex bonus

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