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Discussion in 'Help Forum' started by mud, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. mud

    mud Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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    This is not quite a mac problem, or a computer problem. Ok, Ive got a sound system hooked up to my TV/X-Box/DVD/CD player. It has been working fine until recenty when one of my floor speakers stopped working.

    The sound system includes 2 Accoustic Series Studio Moniters 3311(Floor speakers), 2 KLH bookshelfs, and 2 Optimus bookshelfs(well, 1 now). The reciver is a TEAC. Today one floor speaker stopped and working and so did an Optimus. The Optimus was just a piece of crap and the voice coil was fried along with a damaged speaker cone, no surprise, the other works fine.

    The floor speaker just doesnt work, speaker cone is fine, all the wiring is fine as well, ive tried reseting it but to no avail. Any hints, clues, or an directions of help?

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