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Respec Firemane?

Discussion in 'Character Building' started by Lurk, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Dec 2, 2004
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    SP > mages (except for when AoE is required). The SP in our raids are usually up there with the mages and in some cases surpasses the mages.

    You're right. If you're an arcane mage, you should just straight up spam missiles (that's what I do most the time). I'd start out with a few Arcane Blast while the MT builds aggro then a few missiles before hitting PoM + trink + AP + Pyro. Then I'd just go back to missiles till my CDs are up again and I can actually last about 9-10 minutes.

    I disagree here. SP should go to dps (either warlocks, elemental shaman, or mage groups). Healers should know how to manage their mana enough to last twice as long as casting dps ( at least that's how the healers in my guild thinks). Also priests should be stacking on Spirit gear since they are mainly targetted for Inervates and druids don't really spam heals as often they shouldn't be going OOM.

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