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Radamanthus and Jaden, tier 3

Discussion in 'Gallery Shots' started by Jakeman, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Feb 26, 2000
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    This is at the end of BC, the weekend before the 3.0 patch when 60 naxx was removed. During those final two weekends I barely finished my tier 3. On the final weekend I got my robe from 4h (bought for 3k from the winner) and my ring from KT (people were nice enough to pass since that was my 9/9). The weekend before that I got my belt. Those were the last 3 pieces I needed.

    Radamanthus finished his set much earlier.

    These pics are of the two of us on KT's throne in 60 naxx, both of us with 9/9 tier 3, both with our lvl 60 legendary weapons, and him with a shield he just got off Sapphiron. Fully naxxed out.

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