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Pursuit of Epics

Discussion in 'News' started by Jakeman, May 9, 2006.

  1. Jakeman

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    Feb 26, 2000
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    While still remaining a casual guild, several of our members have been pursuing epics by other means. These include PvP, quest and crafted epics, raid guild payoffs, tier 0.5 quests, and raiding with HGA. I am posting about this to give other casuals some ideas to improve their character in the end game.

    Jaden (me) PvPed up to rank 12 to get the first 3 epic armor pieces. I also did the AV and AB grind to exalted to get those epics. I purchased some BoE tier 1 armor, crafted some epic armor, and completed epic armor quests. Then I contracted with a raid guild to take me to Onyxia for some of her loot that their guild no longer needs. All of these things require lots of time and gold such that they might not be accessible to everyone.

    Since the release of 1.10, several members have been completing their tier 0.5 quests which reward you with some epics as part of the set. Calendryll, Firemane, Agarwaen, Shack, and Youneedme are names that come to mind. I understand there are mainly two difficult parts of the chain, the first of which is Baron 45 which we recently nailed. I don't believe anyone has completed the last hard part which is the summoned boss in UBRS.

    In addition to the tier 0.5 quests, several of those same members have been raiding with HGA (http://www.hyjalguildalliance.com/). HGA is an organization that forms huge coops from several guilds. Participants can belong to any guild they wish. They have a DKP system for loot. Most recently they cleared up to (but not including) Ragnaros in MC which is impressive for a PUG. However, these HGA raids represent a huge time commitment if you are serious about it.
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  2. Lurk

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    Jul 19, 2000
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    Good post, J. One thing I would like to clarify...

    Actually it's been my perception that this is not the case. You can come and go as you want, there are always people on standby. No one has ever gotten chastised for leaving a raid. Some people stay for one boss and then have to run. True, you don't get as much DKP as you would by staying for the whole raid, but they try to be as fair as possible with DKP (everyone starts with 100 that you can use immediately on your first raid, which is pretty generous IMO). In a relatively short time, Cal has gotten two pieces of his Tier 1 set, and Shack and Fujin have also gotten Tier 1 pieces. (Fire has been saving her DKP, because Arcanist is, in a word, "meh.")

    One caveat with HGA, it has some of the shortcomings of a PuG. Sometimes you just get people that aren't geared/experienced enough to clear the instance, and there's quite a bit of downtime that goes with the leaders having to re-teach the instance to new players every time. That said, the leaders are pretty experienced and good at explaining things, I think they're doing a great job with it, and they try to make it fun for every player. The key word is patience.

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