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Old WoW Info

Discussion in 'MSC Clan' started by Calendryll, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Calendryll

    Calendryll MSC Commander and Donator

    Dec 7, 2004
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    This was posted on the Warcraft forums earlier. I found it pretty amusing.

    Was browsing my old Computer Gaming World mags and came accross the exclusive WoW previews given to them by Blizzard. Thought it was kind of interesting to see some differences.

    Computer Gaming World October 2003 Issue 231 ISSN 0744-6667
    pg 96-97


    Q u o t e:
    "Just about to be implemented are the Hero classes. Once you hit about level 40 or so, you can start specializing in skills to become the same kind of hero units found in WarCraft III. Of course, besides skills, there are race and class restrictions to keep in mind. For example, it will be the dwarven fighter who becomes the Mountain King (a favorite among the Blizzard staff), or the Night Elf Hunter who becomes the Demon Hunter."


    Q u o t e:
    "Your standard stealthy rogue, but the most damaging in direct offense; warriors are the tanks who can take damage, but rogues are the ones who deliver damage." "...use disguises to get past enemies."


    Q u o t e:
    "Your cat form transforms you into a makeshift rogue, the bear form turns you into a warrior tank, the flying form lets you, well, zip around fast, and the scout form transforms you into an "ambient" lifeform (such as a little bunny), depending on the environment you're in, so you can look around and check things out without being noticed. Other forms being implemented include an aquatic form and a tree form."


    Q u o t e:
    "Mages can also create teleportation portals, but those require a ritual to be effective; that is, multiple mages must enact a ceremony to place a portal down in a city, but once placed, any mage can cast a spell and teleport right back to said city."
  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    They changed and left out a lot of stuff at release. Hero classes were quietly removed from their "in development" page a while after release.

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