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My paladin build

Discussion in 'Character Building' started by Baseera, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Baseera

    Baseera MSC Footman

    Jun 14, 2000
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    I was playing around with the skill editor on the web this morning (I like my job.) and I came up with this. I want a pally that can stand there and beat the carp out of things. What do you think of this allocation?

    I truly believe there is a fish in all of us. ;)

    Paladin build notes:


    5 pts Improved Devotion Aura
    1 pts Toughness


    5 pts Improved Blessing of Might
    5 pts Two Handed Weapon Specialization
    5 pts Deflection
    1 pts Vengeance
    1 pts Seal of Command
    5 pts Improved Retribution Aura
    1 pts Consectration


    2 pts Improved Lay on Hands
    3 pts Improved Holy Light
    5 pts Improved Blessing of Wisdom
    5 pts Improved Seal of Righteousness
    5 pts Divine Wisdom
    1 pts Sanctity Aura
    4 pts Improved Seal of Light
    5 pts Divine Strength
    1 pts Holy Shock
  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    I have no experience with Paladins, so I can't give you feedback on your build. Scorpion has a lvl 40 Pally I think, so maybe he can give you feedback.
  3. Scorpion

    Scorpion Peasant

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Here's what my build would ultimately look like.

    Holy: 5 pt
    5 - Spiritual Focus

    Protection: 10 pt
    5 - Improved Devotion Aura
    5 - Toughness

    Retribution: 31 pt
    5 - Benediction
    5 - Improved Seal of Crusader
    5 - Deflection
    5 - Vengence
    1 - Consecration
    3 - Precision
    1 - Anticipation
    5 - Conviction
    1 - Blessing of Kings

    That leaves me with 5 pts which I might put into Two-Handed Weapon Specialization or spread them out between Anticipation and 2h Specialization or Shield Specialization.

    Remember that without Spiritual Focus, you better start casting your healing spells when you hit half life cause they will keep on delaying your casting every time they hit you and if there's 2 or more mobs attacking you, that 3 sec cast will be more like a 10 sec cast. Also those pts you put in Improved Holy Light will eventually only give you 100 extra hp at lvl 60 since it's only a 12% increase so healing at 1000 hp(best that a pally can heal), you'll only get an extra 120. I planned on putting 3 pts in Improved HL when I started but I know better now. It's better to put pts in Defense since it reduces the amount of dmg that you'll eventually take. I might also go with Shield instead of 2h since that toughness bonus will be huge with a shield. Also remember that 2h weapons takes longer to attack with even though they do more dmg but if you happen to miss on an attack, well you just wasted some time. One hander have faster attack speed and hopefully I'll get my hands on an Ironfoe but Thrash Blade isn't too bad. Ironfoe is epic drop and Thrashblade is quest reward. They both do the same thing (5 sec of super attack speed with close to 100% crit chance per hit) so if they proc early, you'll be on steroid for the entire fight pretty much. Imagine a pally getting almost 2 swings every sec = GG.

    Edit: Flurry Axe is also an excellent choice for a one-hander.
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  4. Scorpion

    Scorpion Peasant

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Ok changed my build. Build looks more like this now:

    Retribution: 36 pts
    Benediction (5/5)
    2h specialization (5/5)
    Deflection (5/5)
    Vengence (5/5)
    Anticipation (5/5)
    Precision (3/3)
    Seal of Command (1/1)
    Conviction (5/5)
    Consecration (1/1)
    Blessing of Kings (1/1)

    Holy: 14 pts
    Spiritual Focus (5/5)
    Improved Holy Light (3/3)
    Illumination (5/5)
    Divine Favor (1/1)

    Got an extra point to put in Devotion.

    Build requires a good 2-hander with as much max damage as possible (speed does not matter although it helps). Use Blessing of Kings for the one Blessing/Paladin, use Seal of Command when attacking. Seal of Command supposedly give you a chance to do weapon damage in addition to the regular damage that you do. However, I found that when you upgrade to higher ranks, it gives you a chance to do at least twice weapon damage in addition to regular damage. I'm at rank 4 right now and I see that SoC usually hits for 3-4 times weapon damage in addition to my regular damage (currently that's 200 reg dmg + 400 weapon dmg; weapon only doing 117-178). If SoC crits, I usually get 800 dmg in addition to my 200 = 1000 dmg. Sometimes my SoC crits for 900 dmg but I usually see ranges of 700-800 most often. I think Strength is taken into account also.

    The 14 points in Holy really helps a lot. I can heal for about 1450-1575 each heal (3 sec cast). However, if I get a crit heal, meaning I heal for over 2000, I get my mana back through Illumination. I can also control when I get a crit heal once every 2 min by activating Divine Favor before casting my heal giving me a free healing spell (2k health) every 2 mins.

    Also noticed that points in Anticipation allows me to dodge a lot more now since my defensive skill is higher than it should be for the level. This makes it harder for mobs my level to hit me.
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