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Lvl 60 YEAH!!

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by Scorpion, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Scorpion

    Scorpion Peasant

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Hit 60 last night doing a quest with a druid that also hit 60 10 mins after me. He didn't have a guild and we were questing together. I also manage to pick up the key to Scholomance (as I was told) after finishing all the quest. I was planning on doing Stratholm tonight or if anyone wants, I found a new farming area with lvl 56s (melee type w/o any really bad abilities, only curses). My mage currently has 150g and the pally has about 100g, only need 650g to go for the elite mounts. So I'll be switching between the 2 (hopefully I'll find some 'Rich Thorium Mine' so I can start transmuting Arcanite) to get enough money for the elite mount. Send me a tell if anyone wants to farm.

    Oh btw, when I hit 60 last night and I went to do some farming, this lvl 55 warrior asked if he could join me and within 15 mins, he got 3 bars of xp. But that was in Sorrow Hill where mobs are only 50-51. The new place should give a little more I'd suspect.
  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    I have the key also. I will go with you tonight if I ever finish downloading the patch.

    I like to talk to possible recruits before offering them an invite. I want to at least get an idea of what kind of player they are, make sure they are cool with the charter, etc. If they seem cool and you think they might be interested in joining, then let me know their names and I will /tell or mail them.

    I spend all of my money populating my recipes for tailoring and now enchanting. I have probably put hundreds of gold into it. :( I will get an elite mount eventually, but not until I am done with everything else on my character.

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