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Hunter UI mods

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by Calendryll, Feb 10, 2005.

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    Here are some mods and descriptions hunters (and perhaps others) may find useful (some of these are obtained through use of COSMOS) The one called Smart Pet below looks VERY useful:

    BCUI Tracking Menu - http://www.bizarreconcepts.com/wow/
    ~ Replaces the trackng icon on the minimap with an icon that has a
    popup menu that allows you to choose which tracking ability to
    activate. The menu is displayed when you mouse over the icon and is
    hidden when your mouse is no longer over the icon or the menu. The
    list of abilities in the menu is automatically populated* with the
    tracking abilities available to your character, and should update when
    you aquire new tracking abilities~

    Blacklist - http://www.waogo.com/wow/blacklist/blacklist.zip
    ~Blacklist is an addon that lets you add people to a Love or Hate
    list. Goes with the interface beautifully! You can even add reasons!!~

    Easy Mail - http://www.bizarreconcepts.com/wow/
    ~Automatically fills in the subject line of a mail message with the
    name of the attached item when you drag an item into the attachment
    box. Only works when the subject line is empty so it won't overwrite
    what you've already entered. Believe this is obtained with COSMOS as well.~

    Gypsy_Unitbars - http://gypsymod.the-mad.net/
    ~Adds the extra hotbar. Makes it to where you can move almost any
    window to your liking. Gives a more detailed party window. All should
    be found there. With COSMOS~

    HB Feed Pet Button - http://www.wowaddons.com/download.php?view.54
    ~Select a food for your pet and drop it onto the feed button. Clicking
    the feed button will drop the selected food onto the pet. The feed
    button appears directly right of the happiness icon. When your pet is
    in "Happy" state, the button becomes transparent and a left-click will
    not activate it. However, you can override this with a

    Slash Commands
    /feedpetbutton lock - prevent the button from being dragged
    /feedpetbutton unlock - allow the button to be dragged
    /feedpetbutton small - make button size small
    /feedpetbutton large - make button size large ~

    Jaster's Quest History -
    ~ An in-game history of quests accepted/completed/abandoned

    - Logs all quests that a player receives and records them in a
    sortable in-game list
    - Notes can be added to quests
    - Records the following information for each quest:

    * Quest title, objectives, rewards, items as shown in the normal QuestLog
    * NPCs giving and completing the quest
    * Location of player when quest was accepted/completed
    * Level of player when quest was accepted/completed
    * Played time of player when quest was accepted/completed
    * Times quest has been abandoned/failed
    * XP rewarded for quest completion
    * Money rewarded for quest completion

    - Only records quest data from the time the addon is first used
    - Does not modify any of the game's original files ~

    Jooky's Auto Potion - http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=9
    ~When health or mana drop below a defined threshold, AutoPotion will
    automatically do one of the following:
    1. Drink a Rejuvenation Potion
    2. Use a Healthstone
    3. Drink a Healing Potion
    4. Use a Manastone
    5. Drink a Mana Potion
    6. Use a Bandage (Only if you're not in combat.)

    Each of these actions are optional and fully configurable. ~

    Loot Link - http://www.warcraftdatabase.net/UI/LootLink-1.2.1-u5.zip
    ~This is a browseable, searchable in-game item database, with the
    caveat that it starts out empty. It automatically adds item
    information that it picks from a number of different places: your
    character's inventory, other characters' inventories whenever you
    target them, links in chat, items in your bank, etc. LootLink will
    also color the links in loot messages with the correct rarity color,
    if the item is in its database. To browse or search, you'll need to
    use /lootlink (or /ll) to toggle the LootLink window or bind a key to
    the Toggle LootLink binding. I use NumPad /, but you can use whatever
    you want. Once you toggle the window open, you can sort the items by a
    number of different criteria, can scroll through the list and see
    tooltips for each of the items, and can insert a link to an item into
    chat by shift-left clicking it in the list. You can use the Refresh
    button to refresh the window (new items aren't automatically added to
    the window, though they're in the database, to prevent additions from
    becoming too confusing when the list is sorted). Finally, the Search
    button will bring up a dialog box that lets you specify all sorts of
    criteria or reset the current search parameters to the default. The
    search options are quite powerful, letting you find things like all
    rare rings that modify intellect and have level requirements between
    10 and 40 or all shields with armor more than 200, block more than 20
    and a level requirement of no more than 50.

    Pet Attack - http://www.msu.edu/~snidersh/wow/Rauen_PetAttack_v4150.1.zip
    ~PetAttack allows you to bind a key that will make your character say
    a phrase and send your pet into battle. The phrase is chosen randomly
    from a set of phrases within the lua file that you can add to, change,
    or replace. The pet name, player names, and target names are all
    chosen dynamically.

    Further, there are phrase sets for three different situations:

    1. Target a mob and hit the bound key. Your character will say one of
    the attack messages and send the pet to attack the targetted mob. This
    is the standard attack usage. Good for... well, killing things.

    # ex. MrCuddles! Tear the Rabid Thistle Bear to shreds!

    2. Hit the bound key after you are already in combat with a mob. Your
    character will say one of the assist_me messages and your pet will
    attack the mob you are fighting. This is good for getting that nasty
    mob to stop biting you and pay attention to your pet instead.

    # ex. MrCuddles, get this thing off me!

    3. Target a player and hit the bound key. Your character will say one
    of the assist_other phrases and your pet will attack the mob the other
    player currently has targetted.

    # ex. MrCuddles, assist ElvenPlayer!

    PetAttack Commands:
    /petattack <command> or /pa <command>

    - help - Print this helplist.
    - on/off - Turn PetAttack on or off.
    - status - Check current settings.
    - reset - Reset to default settings.
    - alert - Toggle attack messages.
    - chan say/party/chat - Set message channel.
    - cast- Toggle casting spell before attack.
    - spell <spell> - Set spell to cast.
    - rank <num> - Set rank of spell to cast.~

    Pet Defend - http://www.msu.edu/~snidersh/wow/Rauen_PetDefend_v4150.2.zip
    ~PetDefend will cause your pet to defend other members of your party
    when they get attacked in much the same way as it defends you. The pet
    will only assist party members if the pet is set to Defensive mode.
    The pet will also only assist party members if the pet isn't currently
    engaged in combat with a mob. No more lazy pets that just sit there
    and watch party members getting eaten alive.

    PetDefend Commands:
    /petdefend <command> or /pd <command>

    - help - Print this helplist.
    - on/off - Turn PetDefend on or off.
    - status - Check current settings.
    - reset - Reset to default settings.
    - all/<player> - Set pet to defend entire party or member.
    - always/idle - Set pet to always defend or only when idle.
    - growl <name> - Toggle using Growl when defending.
    - cower <percent> <name> - Toggle Cowering when low health.
    - lowhealth <percent> - Toggle the pet defending on low health.
    - alert - Toggle alerting the party.~

    Smart Pet EXCELLENT!- http://mavra.perilith.com/~veldrin/wow/SmartPet-1.5.zip
    ~* Taunt Management: Enabling this will ensure that your pet always
    has enough focus to Cower or Growl. Each time you enter combat, your
    pet will make use of the abilities that were set to Autocast when
    combat started, while maintaining enough focus to growl or cower every
    5 seconds. After combat ends, abilities that were disabled by the
    focus manager during combat will be reenabled.

    * Smart Focus Management: Enabling this will attempt to maximize your
    pets DPS output by automatically enabling and disabling burst and
    sustained damage abilities at the appropriate time.

    * Health Warning: Enabling this will send a message to your party if
    your pets health drops below the specified amount.

    * Auto Cower: Enabling this will cause your pet to cower when its
    health drops below the specified amount.

    * No Chase: Enabling this will attempt to prevent your pet from
    chasing fleeing targets. Only works if you and your pet are fighting
    the same target.~

    Social Send Message - I'm currently not able to find the site to this download
    ~Adds a 'Send Message' button to windows that do not have it~

    Telo's Buff Timers - http://www.warcraftdatabase.net/UI/BuffTimers-1.2.1.zip
    ~Mini Buff Timers: Adds small timers below the existing buff and
    debuff icons that show you how much time is remaining on each spell.
    The timers fit quite nicely under the icons and are very convenient.~

    Telo's MobHealth - http://www.warcraftdatabase.net/UI/MobHealth-1.2.1.zip
    ~This mod estimates the actual current and maximum health of your
    target and persists this as a rolling average that becomes more
    accurate over time. The current and maximum estimated health values
    are displayed over the target frame for any creatures that you fight.
    New: Added a little more feedback to the health numbers so that you
    can get a better idea of what's happening behind the scenes. An S
    after the numbers means that the current state is suspect, which is
    one step away from tainted, which is indicated by a T. When tainted,
    no more updates are done to the average while this particular creature
    is targeted.~

    Telo's Quickloot - http://www.warcraftdatabase.net/UI/QuickLoot-1.2.1.zip
    ~Moves the most relevant portion of the loot window under your cursor
    when it opens or you loot something. As you loot items, the window
    moves relative to your cursor so that the next item is always just a
    left mouse click away. This is made somewhat obsolete, given
    shift-right click autolooting built into the client, but I still use
    it. Useful for skinners now, since autoloot seems to be broken for
    that this patch. This is also in Cosmos.~

    Tracker Assist - http://www.wowaddons.com/download.php?view.57
    ~Provides assistance with the tracking ability. When you click on a
    blip on the minimap, this addon targets the corresponding unit and
    prints out some information about that unit. If there are multiple
    units under the mouse, then clicking multiple times will cycle through
    them. If in a party information about the unit is also sent to the
    party chat channel. Type /trackerassist to see the available commands.
    New in this version: - for player targets, guild name is now also
    displayed - when / commands are used to toggle options, the result is
    printed to the chat window - positioning improvements for the label
    under the minimap.~

    Edit: Oh I am sure you know this but you install these addons by placing them in WoW folder/Interface/addons.
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