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Helping too much?

Discussion in 'Character Building' started by CW, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. CW

    CW MSC Knight

    Apr 5, 2005
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    Here's a thought to toss out there.

    Are there drawbacks to assisting lowbies too much?

    This is easily the most helpful guild I've been in. So I'm curious as to your thoughts.

    I appreciate the help as much as anyone. Furthermore, I understand the desire to power level folk up to where they can really be of help to all. But I saw something last night that really made me wonder...

    I was playing my troll rogue trying to clear out old (green) unfinished quests. I was doing Samophlange just before I reached level 18. I stumbled across the machine and found another level 17 rogue there before me. I ran to assist since he was dealing with two mobs. Soon I had somehow picked up three of my own so I turned and hightailed it.

    Sorry for the aside but knowing when and how to run from a battle is a VERY useful skill. Warlocks and Hunters can use the pet. Mages use Frost Nova. Rogues Sprint.

    Anyway, I quickly turned around and headed back and started taking out mobs in a more methodic fashion. I also had to read the quest again to figure out where the things were. This other rogue got attacked while activating/opening something and I helped somewhat again. At some point this rogue left.

    Now, for this quest you have to activate some things and then head up the hill to steal/loot a key from a lvl 16 mob and head back to open a panel and get the Samophlange.

    So this rogue may have simply headed up the hill. By the time I had this quest all figured out and was returning to finish this I saw this rogue had a partner - a 40 something rogue.

    They were leaving.

    I have no idea what really happened. But it's possible the level 17 asked for assistance. The level 16 mob was surrounded be a lot of folk. But this was another rogue. There was no need to kill anyone - just pickpocket. I stealthed in and took out the guy. I didn't aggro anyone else. I didn't want to waste time with them.

    This made me wonder if by assisting lowbies too much hinders their "growth" in other ways... such as learning how to run or general strategy or how best to use their skills.

    This quest should have been easy for a level 17 rogue. Again, the 40ish buddy may just have been nearby.

    But it made me wonder...
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  2. cowofwar

    cowofwar Peasant

    Jun 14, 2000
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    I never did like that quest.

    But yeah, you can definitely help too much. Most people solo the game for the most part and just request assistance for the tough quests and instances. But if you're totally incapable of doing a yellow quest on your own then you need to learn how to play your character.
  3. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    When I play my priest, I will often heal random people who are about to die. I have found that these people become increasingly more bold the more I come to their rescue, as if they expect me to always be there even though we aren't grouped or working together.

    So yeah...

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