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ATV Offroad for the Mac

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lars, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. Lars

    Lars Unregistered

    ATV is coming out for the mac. It looks freakin awesome and if you like offroad games,
    this one is for you. IMG has it. Http://www.insidemacgames.com/ You drive 4x4 four wheelers and other offroaders. Wait for the demo to come out. Graphics are cool too.

  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman Unregistered

    I've been reading about Halo and it's supposed to be really fun to play as a driving/racing/offroad sim. Not to mention playing it as a flight sim with the hover craft. I think Halo is going to be the game of choice for a lot of people.
  3. Mac dude

    Mac dude Unregistered

    That game looks sweet, but 4x4 Evolution loks better. I realy want both games.

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