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Appraisals Please

Discussion in 'MSC Clan' started by Onisama, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. Onisama

    Onisama Peasant

    Jun 29, 2000
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    Have found the following items, most are a mixed bag. Think I'm going to try to put them up for auction on D2.net but would like an honest appraisal first.

    Item #1

    Wraith Brand - Divine Scepter
    1h Dam 16-34
    req lvl 30
    Fast Cast Rate
    +2 paladin skills
    9% life steal
    CR 15%
    LR 24%
    +1-32 lightning damage
    +1 sanctuary
    +3 holy freeze
    +1 conversion

    I see this one as a real mixed bag here. It would be nice for a holy freeze/zeal pally if it had better damage (king's mod would be great), and it would be nice for a hammerdin if it had +to hammers or conc and +mana.


    Plague Stinger - Stiletto
    1H dam 27-65
    Req lvl 26
    5% life steal
    6% mana steal
    Enhanced damage
    CR 18%
    +52 AR
    +3 minimum damage

    okay damage on the stiletto, dual leech is always nice.


    Bone Spawn - Tabar
    2H dam 70 -170
    req lvl 33
    10% mana steal
    enhanced damage
    +129 AR
    +14 life

    nice max dam for a tabar and high mana steal is always nice.


    Pain Crack - Great Maul
    2H dam 103-169
    req lvl 41 (!)
    Enhanced Damage
    PR 27%
    +1-2 cold damage
    +127 AR
    +13 max dam
    +13 str

    nice damage for a great maul, but the level requirement is insane. By lvl 41 most maul barbs should have a martel in hand. Might be useful for a charger who doesn't want to boost their str up to martel levels (or hasn't find a -40% mallet).

    It's not top of the line stuff (that would be easy to figure out) but it's probably worth something to someone. The question is, how much, and can I trade some of it for the non - "top-of-the-line" stuff I am looking for?


    once again, I am looking for substance in replies. Telling me that you have x mana/life steal, or that you have item "x" which is better than my item "z" just doesn't help anyone.

    Of course, if any of you could use any of these items, please feel free to speak up. I'm sure we can make a deal. Though I doubt anyone will since most of us seem to be in the hunt for those "godly" items now ;)

    thx again
  2. BrakShow

    BrakShow Peasant

    Oct 30, 2000
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    I think that scepter would be worth a lot. +2 to paly skills and fast cast are almost all you need to have a good hammerdin scepter. Plus the holy freeze is great for duelers that like to flash holy freeze then switch back to conc. Like you said not godly because it is missing the BH/conc skills, but damn that is a great scepter. I'd expect you could get anything short of doom grips and godly weapons for that.

    Stilleto, that's dagger class right...if so the only person interested would be a venomancer (poison necro that uses poison dagger as primary attack). Not very tradeable to anyone else, but still pretty nice and worth a try. Try the Necro channels.

    Tabar, generally axes are difficult to trade, only axe barbs want them and there aren't many of those. It is a nice one though. But axe barbs usually look for nagas because any barb knows if you aren't gonna use a shield you should be using a martel or lance. So a two handed axe is gonna be difficult to trade even if it is this nice.

    You said it with that great maul, the cold damage makes it very desirable but most will be using a martel by that level. Still, I think that is your second most tradable item.

    Just a guess on soj values:
    #1 - 2-5 SoJs
    #2 - .5-1 SoJ
    #3 - .5-1 SoJ
    #4 - .75-1.5 SoJs

    Have fun, those are some darn good items.
  3. Onisama

    Onisama Peasant

    Jun 29, 2000
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    Thanks again Brak. I don't totally agree with you on some points but do appreciate the feedback.

    Funny you should mention the Naga, I have never seen a naga weilding axe barb (all giant/ancient with the vey rare gothic), but am in the market for a high damage one.

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