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AH~~~I forgot my password

Discussion in 'MSC Clan' started by ogopogo(forgot my pass), Sep 6, 2000.

  1. i accidently cleared my coockies, and i don't seems to remeber what my password was, so i went to request for my username/password but it said that more than one user is using my e-mail address. So Jakeman, can u send me my password to ogopogo@mac.com?
  2. Jakeman

    Jakeman MSC Founder and Donator

    Feb 26, 2000
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    very strange. I'm showing two accounts under the name ogopogo with the same e-mail. The bio is the same, the number of posts are the same, the date registered is the same. I tried deleting just one of the accounts but the second account got deleted as well. They were tied together some how. Regardless, I have no access to passwords of people on the board. The only option would have been to delete the account and start over since the "forgot your password?" thing didn't work. You'll have to re-register. Just save the "board registration" e-mail this time so you can go back to it. To reset your cookies click on the "preferences" link at the top.

    lamo mac boy

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