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May 11, 2006, 3:43pm

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 AuthorTopic: hmm, blacklist? (Read 92 times)
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 Re: hmm, blacklist?
« Reply #15 on Today at 3:28pm »

Sigh.... ok here how itís going to go...

Jaden I personally have no opinion because I donít know and rightly donít care. Something was said or done to someone in the past that lead to the addition of your name to our guild blacklist, you will just have to live with that.

What I do care about is all the drama this is starting to create on a message board I look at all the time, so at 5pm today I will be removing this thread.

Until one of the high officers of this guild decides otherwise you will remain on that list and continuing on with this thread will only further engrave your name to it.
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 Re: hmm, blacklist?
« Reply #16 on Today at 3:42pm »

That post opens up several dangerous tangents to this discussion. I will attempt to put a stop to them before they destroy this thread.

1) It is necessary to talk about myself in this thread since I am the topic of discussion. That necessity is not a detriment to my position.

It is also important to note that my defenses to your personal attacks are not out of vanity, but rather they are forced by your initial attacks. Even if your attacks were admissible in this discussion, the replies they encourage certainly cannot be used to attack my original motivations. If you have a problem with your tangents, it is in your power to stop them.

2) My posting here is not out of a need for attention. I have already stated my intent twice. Here it is again:

"You can dislike me if you want, I will survive. However, I am one who tries to make right, whether or not the criticism is deserved." -Jaden

3) My posting here does not necessarily imply my having a problem with being on your blacklist. Refer back to my thrice quoted intentions.

4) I am not looking for a friend or some one to talk to. Refer back to my thrice quoted intentions.

5) You claim I am the most annoying person in the game. Please support that claim.

6) You say you are not sure what I was expecting to achieve here. Refer back to my thrice quoted intentions.

7) You say I should have contacted you directly through an alt since your main has me ignored. I didn't know you had an alt, nor could I find a direct contact link on your website, nor was I able to make any inroads by talking to your members. Posting on this forum seemed like the next best thing.

8) You say I should have apologized for being myself. Did I not do that in an earlier post?

9) You say my continued posting only looks foolish. How else shall I proceed? It seems that you wish for this discussion to stop the hostilities to continue.
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