Warcraft II cheat codes:

To enable a cheat, first start a game by choosing either "New Game" or "Load Game". Once the game has started, press the return key. Near the bottom of the screen, you will see the string "Message:" ; type any of the codes below and press return. If the cheat was typed correctly, you will see the message: CHEAT ENABLED

If you type the same cheat code again, the cheat will be disabled (where appropriate). Please note that in a Multi-Player game, these codes will affect all sides, even computer controlled players!


1. GLITTERING PRIZES: Adds 10,000 gold, 5,000 lumber and 5,000 oil to your reserves.

2. VALDEZ: Adds 5,000 oil to your reserves.

3. EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES: Upgrades your magic users with all spells.

4. DECK ME OUT: Upgrades all technologies.

5. ON SCREEN: Reveals the entire game map.

6. MAKE IT SO: All buildings, units and upgrades are built/trained at a faster rate.

7. HATCHET: Peons only need two swings to cut down trees.

8. IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE: All of your units are invulnerable to computer opponents, except for magical attacks, units are still vulnerable to other human controlled units. All units inflict 255 points of damage per hit.

These cheats only work in Campaign Mode (1-player)

9. UNITE THE CLANS : Takes player to the victory sequence.

10. YOU PITIFUL WORM: Takes player to the loss sequence.

11. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: Takes player to the finale sequence.

12. NEVER A WINNER: Prevents Victory Conditions (Use and the level will NEVER victory).

13. TIGERLILY: Activates Level Jump codes below.

14. HUMANx: Takes player to human level x (where x is 1 to 14).

15. ORCx: Takes player to orc level x (where x is 1 to 14).

NOTE: All cheat codes can be entered through Speech Recognition, except for HUMANx and ORCx. Use the tilde (~) key to have your computer "listen" for a Cheat Code. The Apple Speech Manager is optimized for North American Adult voices. When using Speech Recognition, speak clearly, and do not make excessive pauses between words.