Shadow Warrior Hints and Strategies:

1. Familiarizing yourself with the level.

Know the level you are playing! This includes the location of all power-up cookies, armor, health, and weapons. Also, practice finding the fastest possible route to these items.

2. Noticing unfamiliar objects.

If you know the map like the back of your hand, then the slightest discrepancy in the way it looks should indicate a hidden, or camping player. Sometimes just blasting at an unfamiliar object might score you a surprise kill.

3. Memorizing key sounds.

All levels have key sounds that occur only in a certain location. For instance, the sound of a flushing toilet in Leep's Temple should inform you of an opponent's whereabouts instantly. There is only one toilet in Leep's, therefore a quick run to that location would mean heading off, and possibly startling the player.

4. Maintaining health and armor.

You obviously can't win many battles running around with low health. So it's crucial to stay stocked with as much as you can grab. Also, many players neglect the importance of armor. Armor extremely lessens the impact of hits you take, and can save your life in a battle. I try to keep my health above 150 at all times if I can, with at least some armor. This way, I'm ready for a brawl, or a sneak attack from behind.

5. Working with the lag.

In order to really excel in online multi player gaming, you have to learn to "play the lag". Many factors contribute to the jumpy game play we have all come to know. Some of which are: internet traffic, poor connections, low bandwidth, and phone router bottlenecks. All of these sometimes add up to a less than desirable game. This lag can also appear as a slight delay while playing; say, 1-2 full seconds at worst. This effect can be lessened by "leading your shots". That is, trying to aim just ahead of a moving opponent to allow for lag time. Feel for the pocket where all shots connect.

6. Never run in a straight line.

This spells instant death. Running around in a straight line makes you an easy target for advanced players. Try to stagger your movements, and take random paths to your destination.

7. Always keep moving.

A very important point is to keep moving at all times. Learn to grab inventory items on the fly, not by stopping and slowly retrieving them. Jumping frantically also works as an effective method of dodging bullets in a pinch.

8. Strafe-running.

This is a technique that takes some getting used to, but when mastered can give you the winning edge you need. By pressing one of the strafe keys while simultaneously pressing the forward run key, your speed is significantly increased. This also works going backwards. So, although you seem to move with a slightly diagonal approach, you can maneuver faster, and outrun opponents.

9. Your friend night vision.

Many players neglect to realize the amazing potential of night vision. This is probably one of the most powerful inventory items in the game. Night vision makes your opponents glow like nuclear reactors in the dark. It also makes finding them easier at longer distances, and separates them from everything else in the map. Also, night vision gives you the ability to see those pesky players who always run around using the smoke bomb (shadowed). The smoke bomb is rendered totally useless against night vision.