October 2000 News:
Radeon... need I say it?
The October 23rd deadline has come and gone. has no new ETA for me. The representative I spoke with said there was a special note under the Mac Radeon in their computers saying that appropriate sources have been contacted and there is no explanation for the delay. Ingram Micro (a major wholesaler) has ETAs as late as October 30.
Mac Radeon delayed... again.
I was supposed to have my Radeon card in my hands this morning. It didn't arrive. So I called to see what happened. They told me that it had been delayed (again!) until October 23. I've lost count of how many times this card has been delayed. The first ETA I got was September 2. So much for that. heh. As usual, I will keep you informed as new information becomes available.
Mac Voodoo 5 arrives in stores.
While these cards have been available for some time now, retail stores have not seen any at all. Today my local CompUSA store received 4 of these cards. They are priced at $329.99.
This is the first Mac graphics card that CompUSA has seen in a long while. The last Mac card was the ATI Rage Orion. But one question remains... where is the Mac Voodoo 4? What ever happened to "in stores later this summer," as is stated on their website? Technically, the last day of summer was on September 21. I haven't been able to find a Mac Voodoo 4 available anywhere, online or in local retail stores. ???