May 2000 News:
Clan Updates:
There have been a few changes where the M.A.C. (The Myriad of Allied Clansmen) clans are concerned. First, the Tribes 2 Clan has been put on hold since the manufacturer of the game has not yet committed to a Mac version. Second, the Warcraft 3 Clan site IS up and running now. Third, I have recently redesigned the Diablo 2 Clan site to something that I would call a 100% improvement over what it was. The Warcraft 3 Clan has 4 members and the Diablo 2 Clan has 6 members. I'm also looking into giving the M.A.C. site a visual make-over, so stay tuned! As soon as I'm content with the design of the M.A.C. site and its clans, I will be sending word to all the news sites. So hopefully we will be getting many more members fairly soon.
Diablo 2 Clan
Warcraft 3 Clan
UT "Infiltration" MOD rocks!
I've recently been playing a new MOD for Unreal Tourney called "Infiltration". It is so awesome! It's similar to Half Life and Action Quake 2 but so much better. It turns the whole game into a totally realistic army game. It has all new weapons, skins, and maps. It also has a very realistic damage gauge for the new weapons. For example, if you shoot some one at point blank it almost always kills them as opposed to long distance. Personally, I like the fragmentation grenades. BOOM!!! : ) Anyways, if you have UT and a decent graphics card (a fast internet connection helps too) then you NEED to download this MOD. You can find it at
Infiltration Home
Apple's take on upcoming games:
I was recently browsing Apple's game site and came accross a Diablo 2 section that's definately worth a read (in case you couldn't tell by now, I'm a Diablo freak). The site even details some game features that were, to my knowledge, still somewhat vague. Of course, Apple's game site has many other things on it besides Diablo 2 that are also worth a read. The Myst 3 Exile trailer is pretty cool too. Have a look.
Diablo 2
Apple's Game Site
M.A.C. (The Myriad of Allied Clansmen) site is up!
This new site that I have just uploaded is a site just for Mac game clans. The Mac Diablo 2 clan is included in this. We also have a Warcraft 3 clan (thanks Lars) and a Tribes 2 clan (thanks Reaper). I've expanded the message board to include both clans. I'm really pleased with the way the site turned out. I have plans to include some flash in the future. So please stop by the M.A.C. site and tell me what you think of it on the message board.
Message Board
Whoa! Never before have I seen anything so beautiful! A site that has every download you could ever want or need for Mac games! This new site is hosted by IMG and I must say that I'm impressed! If you are a Mac gamer (you must be if you're visiting this site) than you have to check out this site!
3DFx BTO petition:
As the webmaster of a Mac gaming site, I feel obligated to post an announcement about this. If you haven't already read about this petition and, consequently, haven't participated in it, then I strongly recommend that you follow the link below. Xlr8yourmac is taking petitions for bringing next generation AGP Voodoo cards to the Mac as a BTO option. I for one filed with this petition, and so should you. Having AGP Voodoo 4 and 5 cards as a BTO option in Macs would be a HUGE victory for us. It would give us better gaming hardware and it would encourage competition from other graphics card makers in the Mac market (competition is always good where technology development is concerned). Petition
05-10-00 for Mac petition:
I was recently sent an announcement by DemandMac. The announcement was for a petition they are starting. The announcement details the specifics on and their new method for petitioning. Here is an excerpt from the announcement:
HEAT.NET and DialPad for the Mac!
As a gamer myself, I have played many games networked. has over 150 game channels. But when may friends call me and say "Logon to" and I say funny joke. So they laugh at the Mac and go play their games. Well we need!!! And this isn't just me talking, numerous emails have come in Demanding it!!! So the petition is here. Also, over a long period, hundreds of personal emails have come in Demanding DialPad. Now this is an awesome Free service for those wacked PC users. You can make call's anywhere in the US for free, while on the Net at the same time. So we need this for the Mac! Per a suggestion by one of our members (Hiddukel), we have a new way of Demanding and signing petitions. You now sign the petition directly in the Forum. This way you can you sign the forum at the same time and give it a rating.
I participated in this petition myself. I for one think it would be way cool to have for the Mac! I would also recommend bookmarking the DemandMac site. They always have new petitions going for various Mac products and services. Not to mention the fact that they are always leading petitions for bringing PC games to the Mac. Without them, Half Life would have never been ported to Mac (I mean, it would have never started to have been ported. It still makes me mad that they pulled the plug on that one!). Anyways, please stop by the DemandMac site and submit your petition.
Way more downloads!
Ok, I admit it. The downloads section really sucks. But no more! You are just one click away from downloads aplenty! No really. You don't understand. We are talking TONS of downloads! Seven different Mac games are covered right now. I intend to add much more in the future. So what are you waiting for? Milk your bandwidth for all it's worth! : )
Downloads Section
Mac Diablo2 Guild:
I've just uploaded the Mac Diablo2 Guild web site. It still needs some things like a good name (instead of "Mac Diablo2 Guild") and a guild seal (a cool pic for the index page). Check it out and let me know what you think on the message board. Also, let me know if you have any ideas for a name. This is a Mac only Diablo2 guild. Obviously, we are only taking new members right now since the game is not yet released. As mentioned before, the current projected release date for Mac Diablo2 is 3rd quarter 2000. Also, if anyone out there has some really good custom graphics skills let me know. We could use some kick ass graphics for the guild site. Keep in mind that the guild site is still under development.
Mac Diablo2 Guild
Message Board
Message Board Open to All:
The message board used to only be open to people who registered. I realize that some of you may have reasons for not registering. So I have made each forum open to all, including unregistered users. So now everyone can view topics, post topics, and post replies without having to register on the message board. However, registration has many advantages including the following: ability to edit your messages after posting them, option to have your user name and password stored as a cookie so you don't have to type it again each session, and reserving your screen name so that only you can post under that name. Once again, registration is now optional, but recommended.
Message Board
Razor Mouse Mac Drivers:
I have recently been in contact with a representative from Razor Zone, the maker of the Razor Boomslang gaming mouse. I asked him if there was any new ETA for Mac Boomslang drivers; the ETA I was given before was late April, which has come and gone with no Mac drivers. He responded with the following:
Our Mac drivers won't be available until late June. Until then many Mac owners use the freeware drivers available from
David Parker
Manager of Customer Euphoria
Well, it looks like we're going to have to wait at least another couple of months for offical Mac drivers for this awesome mouse. In the mean time, you can still use USB Overdrive, a program that drives almost any USB input device on the Mac. The fact that you CAN use USB Overdrive for the Boomslang really pissed me off; on two different occasions I was told by their tech people that USB Overdrive would NOT work for their mouse. I guess I'll have to get one now. For those of you that don't know, the Boomslang is a two button + scroll wheel mouse that boasts an insane 1000 or 2000 dpi resolution! It's ultimate for games!
Razor Zone
USB Overdrive