February 2001 News:
New Server.
As of Sunday evening I have moved into a new web server. The new server should be much faster than the old one. Since this is a new server there may be some "issues" initially. If you experience any errors, performance issues, or downtime please let me know at The domain will be transferred to this new server soon. In the mean time the domain is tied to my old server which is set to forward to this server. So feel free to keep using the domain to access this site. Thanks!
Note: I am aware that the contact forms do not work. This applies to both the contact link on the left and the sign up and contact forms on the clan site. In the mean time any e-mails can be directed to Sorry for the inconvenience.
GeForce 3 confirmed.
Today at CompUSA, my place of employment, I discovered a new SKU in our computers that can be nothing other than a GeForce 3 card. This new SKU, #282126, is the Hercules Prophet III. This new graphics card weighs in at a hefty $599 retail! Ouch! The Hercules Prophet III is listed as an I01 item meaning that it is a brand new item that is not in stock as of yet (and cannot be special ordered, ahem!). As of yet there are none of these cards on order for my store and there is no ETA that I could find. However, new item SKUs don't just appear in our computers unless there is an upcoming product to back them up.
Great... a GeForce 3. So how does this affect us Mac users? Well, as I'm sure you all know nVidia recently entered the Mac market as an OEM graphics card supplier for Apple's new G4 Tower line. Also worthy of note is the fact that nVidia has committed to Mac compatible hardware for their future products. So all that's left is software support... something which can't be confirmed at this point. Here's to hoping! :)
Total Annihilation on GameRanger.
GameRanger now supports Total Annihilation. Here's the official announcement:
Perth, Western Australia -- February 9, 2001 -- Scott Kevill today announced the addition of a new game title to GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service. In addition to the 62 previous titles, gamers can now play Total Annihilation Gold.
A real-time strategy game of epic proportions, Total Annihilation brings true 3D to the world of Macintosh strategy. Choose to battle as the Arm or the Core, building kBots, tanks, ships, and aircraft to accomplish your goals. With dozens of unique units for each side, challenging missions and lightning-quick skirmishes, and thrilling multiplayer action over the internet with GameRanger, Total Annihilation will keep you addicted for days upon days.
GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service, was first introduced for public beta testing in July 1999 with support for 11 game titles, and had already received many rave reviews, including an award of "Best Internet Gaming Achievement" by Macworld Magazine in their 1999 Hall of Fame. GameRanger now has over 40,000 members and support for over 60 popular game titles.
The GameRanger client is a free download off the internet.
GeForce 2 cards go discontinued?
Today I noticed that SKU numbers 275825 and 278801 in our computer system at CompUSA went discontinued. The first SKU is the Creative Labs GF2 32MB GTS. The second SKU is the Creative Labs GF2 64MB Ultra. I thought this was an interesting development.
Granted, this doesn't confirm anything one way or the other. I thought all of you might be interested in this given that nVidia is now committed to the Mac platform with their future products. A discontinued GeForce 2 could mean that nVidia has a new chipset ready to come off the manufacturing line soon. Of course, it could also mean that Creative Labs is simply discontinuing their particular line of GeForce 2 cards for their own reasons. Only time will tell. In the mean time I'm hoping for a Mac compatible NV20!
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