April 2000 News:
Championship Manager 99/00 for Mac:
Are there any soccer fans out there? Well, if you like soccer, then you will like this game. It's called Championship Manager. It's a game about managing soccer teams. I tried it myself, but I'm not really a soccer fan so I didn't exactly get engrossed in it. This has been out for PCs for some time now. Just recently it was ported to the Mac. So if you like soccer, then check out this site. It's devoted to Championship Manager for Mac.
Champmac Site
Mac Diablo2 Delayed?!
Blizzard just announced that sign ups for the stress test have begun. Within the press release for this announcement, Blizzard notes that they are now projecting that the Mac version of Diablo2 will be released 3rd quarter 2000. Here's a segment from the press release:
Diablo II is being developed by the Blizzard North design team and is expected to release during the first half of this year in Windows® 95/98/2000/NT format. A Macintosh version of the game will be available during the third quarter 2000. The game will be available at most computer and software retail chains worldwide. The game will also be offered directly from Blizzard at (800) 953-SNOW and
This is a longer wait than they had originally told us. On Blizzard's Diablo2 site it used to say that the projected release date for the Mac version was 1st half 2000. So I guess we'll all have to wait an extra few months for this game to come to the Mac. I just hope this doesn't take as long as it did to port the first Diablo! Post your feelings about this delay on the message board.
Full Press Release
Message Board
04-23-00 - your mac gaming communtiy:
I have just changed the focus, as well as the design, of my web site. It used to be my own personal Mac gaming site, Jakeman's Mac Gaming Site, with downloads and various other resources. I still have my gaming site, I just moved it to a different directory in my web space. Now my focus is to create an online communtiy for Mac gamers. We have a message board for discussions, a review section for reading people's reviews of various Mac hardware and software, a downloads section for recent software updates, and a links section which is free to anyone who wants to list their screen name, e-mail, web site, etc. I will also be posting news pertaining to Mac games on this main page. Don't think that I'm just going to copy places like IMG and just transpose their news articles and put them on my site. (btw, IMG rocks! Check them out!) Though some news may be related, I'm mostly going to post stuff that I find interesting and relevant to Mac gaming in general. So please, feel free to bookmark this site and check back every so often. Also, the message board has enjoyed more and more traffic recently. It's really sweet too! It's powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board, and it's all centered around Mac games! So please stop by the message board and check it out.
Jakeman's Mac Gaming Site
Message Board
AGN Hardware has Voodoo5 5500 benchmarks:
Well, we finally have some actual performance and frame rate benchmarks on the new Voodoo cards. Granted, these benchmarks are for the Voodoo5 5500 AGP, not PCI. Currently 3DFx is only making PCI cards for the Mac. So these benchmarks are not 100% comparable to the PCI version of this card. It should also be noted that these benchmarks were taken from an alpha version of the card with alpha drivers. So more than likely, actual performance on the finished product will be better than these preliminary benchmarks.
Preliminary Benchmarks
Diablo2 beta info:
Yipee! The Diablo2 closed beta is underway. Now, with beta testers as a first hand source, there's tons of new info on the game spreading all over the internet. Our friends over at, arguably the most fanatical Diablo2 site out there, have been keeping up to date on all of the latest info and screenies for this awesome game. So what are you waiting around for?
Official Diablo2 Site
Mac Diablo2 guild:
On the message board we've been tossing around the idea of starting a Mac Diablo2 guild. I for one think it would be way cool! So by all means, come and visit the "Drawing Board" forum on our message board and throw in your two bits.
Message Board
Demo movie of Glaze3D:
Quite a while ago, a company called Bitboys told IMG that they were definately considering a Mac version of their upcoming 3D card, the Glaze3D. After looking at Bitboys' tentative card specs, it's obvious that if these cards do come out for the Mac they are going to stomp all over 3DFx, ATI, and nVidia (they are rumored to be entering the Mac 3D card market 1st quarter 2001). Unfortunately, Bitboys just announced that their Glaze3D card won't ship until 2001. Anyways, I just found a movie on Bitboys' web site that shows what their vaporware 3D card can do. It's a 14MB file, so if you're on a slow connection it may take a little while to download it. But it's pretty impressive (except for the movie resolution which is a little small for this kind of demo).
Demo Movie
Bitboys' Website