Official Apple Freak Club. Created by Meridian Sun Productions.

This is a Apple/Macintosh link site. It's purpose is to create a central navigation point on the internet from which you can better find Macintosh sites. It works on the basis of a mutually beneficial link exchange. I was inspired to create this site just by browsing the internet looking for Mac sites. I found it difficult to find sites devoted to Macs. I hope this site brings Mac sites closer together around the world.

The way this club works is simple. There's only one rule, you must have a Macintosh related web site. If you have a Mac web site and want more traffic simply e-mail me with your url, and any image and/or summary you want representing it. Then you insert an html code into your web site (code provided via e-mail when you become a member). I will then appropriately catagorize your link in the Apple Freak site directory. The html code you are given will be linked to a miniaturized, member version of the picture you see above. This picture will be linked to this site. By using an html code rather than an actual image on your site I can update the image and have it immediately recognized on the sites of all Apple Freak members. Membership is free on the condition that you post the html code on your site.

That's all you need to know about the Apple Freak Club. If you have any questions just e-mail me. Thanks for your support.

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